Great home and family antivirus and web filtering

We’ve been using Sophos Home Premium for protecting our kids’ computers for years now. It also has web category filtering that you as a parent control, and settings that you easily change from a web interface wherever you are.  Even the free version comes with both antivirus and web filtering.  The Premium one adds more types of protection including protection from the widespread “ransomware” that’s plagued all kinds of computers in the last few years.

We use Sophos protection in businesses and found it very effective over the years and now Sophos has added some of its advanced business features into the Premium product for home users.

The free version provides protection for up to 3 computers, the Premium up to 10 computers.  Here’s a link to see a comparison, get the free version with a 30-day Premium feature trial, as well as a link to buy the Premium one if you want to get that right away:

Sophos Home Protection

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